Praia Mole

This 1,2 mile beach is one of the locals’ favorite, and for a good reason: it’s absolutely gorgeous. Mole means soft, so the beach was named “mole” because the sand is in fact exactly that: soft. Walking on Mole is tiring, which only makes the idea of stopping for a coconut drink that much more appealing.
This beach is often packed with beautiful people, surfers, and hang gliders.

There are two first-class hills for hang gliding take-offs (one at each end of the beach). The gliders land on the beach after exploring the stretch of island that goes from Joaquina to Barra da Lagoa. Tourists can join the gliders on double flights that are available throughout the year. When you’re up in the sky, the feeling of freedom and the breathtaking view make this an experience you can’t pass up. Whether you want to catch some nice, strong waves, or just relax and sun bathe, Mole is always a top choice.