You like to play sports or dance? Take a look at these island activities.
If you want to keep busy and have additional hours of Portuguese learning immersion, there are many activities that can be done on the island. This is a great way to spend more time practicing your Portuguese with native Brazilians.

Our school will give you information about interesting activities and put you in touch with people who offer the services you are looking for. These activities aren’t part of the school program, however most are available near the school and are offered by our partners.

Dancing: Every Brazilian rhythm is represented in the dance schools of Florianópolis. Learn samba, forró, axé, ballroom dance, tango and many others.

Diving: Diving is a sport that has grown in popularity over the years. Nowadays there are quite a few good schools operating in the north of the island. You don’t need to have any prior experience to start diving. Your instructors will show you the way. Don’t miss snorkeling in Campeche island.

Hiking: With dozens of hiking trails, Florianópolis is literally a hiker’s paradise. From time to time, the school organizes excursions to the most important trails of the island. A great way to exercise and practice Portuguese at the same time.

Martial Arts: Every major martial art is represented in the gyms of Florianópolis; from Kung Fu to Karate and Jiu Jitsu, everything is at your disposal. Come train with some of the greatest athletes in the country.

Windsurfing: On any windy day you’ll see dozens of windsurfers practicing at their playground: Lagoa da Conceição. Florianópolis is home to some of the most important Brazilian windsurfing contests and is the perfect place for you to begin this fabulous sport.

Surfing: If you like surfing you have definitely found the perfect place. The coast of Santa Catarina is home to 7 of the 10 best Brazilian surfing spots. There are good waves year round, although in the winter (the best season) the waves are larger and the swells more frequent. You can buy or rent a surfboard and have a lot of fun. And don’t worry, there are no sharks in Brazil.

Yoga: Florianópolis has, over the years, attracted many excellent yoga instructors. From Ashtanga to Power Yoga, you will find the style the best suits your needs.

Capoeira: Capoeira is a type of dance (it resembles martial arts, but in reality it’s an African dance). It was brought to Brazil more than 400 years ago by African slaves. Since then it has evolved and become so popular that it’s found in the most remote corners of the country. Capoeira represents Brazil and its history. In Florianópolis there are groups that meet regularly to practice on weekends.

Biking: In Florianópolis we have simply the best biking path of the south of Brazil. It spreads alongside Beira-Mar Avenue, going from the Federal University to Hercílio Luz Bridge. What a great way to move around town and enjoy some fresh air. Renting bycicles is easy here.

Paragliding: When the wind is proper, there are paragliders flying over Lagoa hill and at Praia Mole. Whether you want to learn or just go for a double flight, you should definitely try this adventure while you’re here. The sights you see from up in the sky are unbeatable!

Aerobics: Weight lifting, gymnastics, you name it: there are options for every taste in the many gyms of Florianópolis. Enrolling in one of them is easy and quick. Step1 students usually go to a gym near the school and they love it!

Swimming: Like swimming? Don’t worry. There are many swimming pools all over town. Locals love to swim; it’s no wonder this sport is known for being the healthiest of all sports.